Purchase Order FinancingTypes of Financing

Ready Commercial Capital has a very unique purchase order finance program that is far less expensive than equity and provides for a more sensible solution for any business that may qualify for this product. Our approach allows you to acquire the maximum cash from your contract now by simply (monetizing) your contract that you either already have in place or are in negotiations with. We custom tailor each transaction catering to our client’s needs. This enables you to access the money you need from your sales immediately, instead of having to wait and receive payment incrementally over the life of the contract.

Purchase Order (PO) financing program provides resellers and distributors with the financial resources they need to pay supplier expenses associated with the order. It is a form of cash advance secured against a confirmed Purchase Order. This solution allows the business to fulfill the order and book the revenue. It works well for companies that are growing quickly and provides a number of benefits.

Process Overview

  • You get a large purchase order from your customer
  • Our lenders verify it, and open a Letter of Credit to pay your supplier
  • Your supplier manufactures or procures and ships its goods
  • Finished goods are delivered to your customer, who remits payment to the lender